This page is for a durational performance over 3 days, please click REFRESH every now and then to see what has changed.
Oh no you don't! It's finished now and is hardcopy now!!!


 Welcome to my cupboard home page.

 I am doing many things in this cupboard for 3 days, starting today, the 29th May 2000.
 You will probably be familiar with cupboards. There is nothing to do in them other than what you take in with you. I am taking in with me the internet. Not that it is mine or anything but if you are in a small room all day, like I am in here, then you can pursue an interest you have. Hobbies. They fill your time with things to do. They are yours to do and enjoy as you wish. I am making a home page in a cupboard to fill my exhibition time in a show of timebased work at Cardiff. People will look at this web page and at the space I am in and see what I am producing in here.

 I am in this cupboard at 9am till 5pm on these days. I will then leave and do whatever I do. That is not your buisness, what I do in here is.

Join me in this cupboard

How to tend to me.

Going on