A very short loop.

Choosing to loop myself as a way of escaping/discovering myself. Not wanting to change the tone created by being in this cupboard but I am only looking in one direction for the whole time. The music I find myself listening to is a small music file on my computer, it lasts for 30 seconds but before it feels like it is going to change it restarts. Now this is not a metaphor but a means. I find that being in this cupboard for some time I am able to listen such things for a long time. Like a CD skipping back to the start of song whilst you are busy working. My mind is working this way. I am sitting in a cupboard and retreading all the footsteps I make in here. Not that many I assure you. And when I slow in my thoughts I look up to see a blank ceiling and then I look down to this screen. The same section of music all over again makes you go with it. And that is what I think I am doing in this cupboard.

A closer look at my keyboard