6) 100_6545.enhanced.lofi.jpg
just nice desktop picture, made recently, on ocassion of frost around :D

mount /usr

on 1.44 floppy variant :
mount /dev/fd0 /usr

4) svnc.1760.floppy.sqashfs
explicitly for kingsize.

it can be cat svnc.1760.floppy.sqashfs > /dev/fd0u1760 or dd if=svnc.1760.floppy.sqashfs of=/dev/fd0u1760

after booting kingsize image you have bonus shortcut included in /etc/fstab ! :)

so after bash appears and change of floppies :
mount /usr
does mount -t squashfs /dev/fd0u1760 /usr
then you can type :
to see example init script

more floppy capacity is not really used , but this format seems to be faster for most floppy units (more data on outward side of the floppy)

image can be dumped to any other format and mounted by hand afterwards ofcourse.


3) kingsize_486.img
another bootable floppy. smaller initrd allows it to boot on 4Mbyte of ram machine!

486 or better cpu required , and vga/svga compatible video card

2) svnc.1440.floppy.squashfs
example filesystem floppy for kingsize linux boot floppy.
contains start script.
to mount issue :

mount -t squashfs /dev/fd0 /usr

after boot and change of floppy

1) kingsize_2.4.20-cc.img
bootable floppy. boots to fosh and floppy can be removed (initrd)

then one can change floppy to flesh floppy containing filesystem and :
mount -t squashfs /dev/fd0 /usr/

or just
mount /proc
ls /bin

allows simple pcmcia operation on laptops and svga based vnc viewer