white noise, brown noise, pink noise, static, sounds and images, cuts and clicks, glitches, any form of found/rejected media excepted.
  binaudio by stk
"Short sounds created by opening various non-audio binary files in an audio editor." turn it up, put it on shuffle.

  Curmudgeon by Kanin Krusete
Kanin Krusete, Curmudgeon, Kanin Krusete, Curmudgeon, Kanin Krusete, Curmudgeon, Kanin Krusete, Curmudgeon .. say it over and over and its almost a tune itself..

  6 - Shit Demo rerelease by Handicap Handjob
The internet says Handicap Handjob are "The first sighting of improvisational hardcore! LoLzErZ" but we're not sure by NOSKOVSOLEGS
Something and nothing, this could be anything, possibly related to this :

  choir of the ground by c4 aka Adam Crammond
a wash of compression and smoothed out peaks, blurred white noise

'UNTITLED CHARISMA is a lo-fi/noise project from Prague, Czech Republic.' smooth and lucky european noises, a joy.

  Noise Diary 070818 by Boe
We like the idea of a noise diary, why record facts when you can record noise? Is noise better than nothing anyway?

  Penie by Razxca
The ravings of a ghost in the system, listen carefully and you can hear a CPU under the 'squatter shot live sound poetry attack', sleeve here.

  Flip Flop by 8-Bit Haiku
'8-Bit Haiku is one man using lo-fi electronics and distorted guitars who does introvert home recorded music. Flip Flop EP contains lost sounds recorded in 2002. In 2008 they were found again and finally edited.'

  AM79 by Hiss Nausea
Made using only radio manipulation.

  %20-%20Kate%27s%20a%20victim.rar by Apophallation
A glitch.

  a Josstintimberlake 6 in the morning kinda thang... by Josstintimberlake
Spoooky spannered squidgy goings on at Casa Timberlake in the early hours..

  Photo Shoot Outing Sound Byte by Ron Maras
'Buttonwood Bridge during a thunder storm. If you listen closely you can hear the rain pelting the ground.'

A whole album - 'it's political as fuck. Originally released by FECAL NAZI SHAPESHIFTER unrecords' A digital curse, a test? '(sound of 8-bit death here)'

  irredeemable pt b by hacked by krishna
good Hard drive detrius is indiscernible from magic, heres the second set of digital dust from hacked by krishna

  irredeemable pt a by hacked by krishna
good Hard drive detrius is indiscernible from magic, heres the first set of digital dust from hacked by krishna

  five damaged point.s by boy+girl
noise cancellation..

  hzca__manus by hertzcanary
Wibbly Wobbly 'lobit threeandabit record named after bodyparts.. done live in fasttracker.. '

  Oh Yes There Will Be Blood by Die Society Die

  Plafond by Roman Slavka
Roman Slavka. is a musician from Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. This noise was created by the instrumentality of two object's: microphone and plafond.

  bumfun by Josstintimberlake
At the start of this we thought it might almost be a song, but no its quickly desends into burbling blattering noise..

  Cutting Samuel Jackson's Head off and Pasting it onto a Donkey. by Heptotrocitron
rash and flippant noise and image edit, 'Made in less than 5 minutes. It's really shit. '

  EXEcutive f@llout by TNNMOTM
The Noisy New Metrocide of the Millenium say - 'Separate yourself from the habitual human concept of rhythm and melody and let the noise place you on an angle to reality, if only temporairily.'

A deranged pixie racket, or 'real Nintendo lovve song' is it a lovve song to the Nintendo corp, or a love song made on a Nintendo, or more importantly is the love noise 4 real?

  free the big merino by 7U?/BMLO
Australian sheep noises, baaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ' Together we can make a difference'

  YSL by 7U?
floppy noises, 4 flavours and a sleeve, ready to wear.

  Every f*cking thing does by 6billionghosts
anxiety ambient, paranoid pulses, baffeling babbeling, lonely tones, frenetic floppy disks.. non-structured music or just noise?

  This Track.. by Scyrcl Cheyng
Full title : 'This Short Track Was Inspired By A Mega Man And Given A Long Track Title Because It's Cool To Have Long Track Titles In Short Tracks ' - more console fit hits.

  Electric Toy by Pharmacom
'Sampels and broken toy instruments are put together to a maaaaaaaaaaaaaad music piece!!! Only for lovers of experimental music! :)', was it a furby?

  Afternoonin' Barbeq by Origami Repetika
q: what is it? a: murky drum and bass with some vocals hidden somewhere in the depths

  foetal positron!!!!!!! by dj raddd
this sounds like dj raddd has thrown a couple of radios out of a moving car and there's been some kind of anti doppler effect, - 'whatever, here's some superfast bootlegging'

  ^^^ by Josstintimberlake
not exactly groovin' like there name sake (or dancing for that matter) more like sid file fits and jerks, as you'd expect.

  nightmare by fx10243
at 21k, midi files don't really fit with the floppyswop ethos, you could almost type them out in this box (. !@& ! . .@. .@. .@. .@. ) - just picture it!

  sputnikbluez by djet
Sounds like djet made this whilst sitting out on his porch, buzz, barking, and guitar, is that a cricket?

  oeuf by dZou
A noise about an egg, or maybe a noise from inside an egg?

  f*ck by alex mcchesney
"made on angsty evening.I was pissed off about something -I'm not sure what- and set about trying to turn my bad mood into sound.This is what came out.Brief, but very cathartic" - we think maybe alex was pissed off about emmerdale

  PDA by Interpol (remixed) by DJD
Two remixes which sound like a garage band in an underground garage piped through a mobile phone, and then cut up a bit.

  Car Hole by Shit Cook
Its a noise like any other, or is there some special noise amoungst the clatter just for you?

  Baby J's Berfday by Katnip Kru
some very late christmas noise, featuring such classics as: Away in a minger, Cum ye merry gentlemen, Rude dolf, Wanking in the air.

  f*ckunderageoranimals by josstintimberlake
a game death .Sid file.

  midi2 by fx10243
a zip file of midi squirts for others to mix.

  areyouhearingimaginarypeople - talkingaboutyou by paradoxvortex
brrrr, 8+ minutes of voices in your head, "a fucked up guide to Jealousy". whut?

  Bitte Langsam by Timmy the Tapeworm
more over percussion: "Old skool beats muthah fukas."

  Schlaffe Nicht Zwei by Timmy the Tapeworm
over percussion: "Loverly noise trk for yer ears to eat."

  dasistnichtdaswasichkenne by Ende?Neu
or, das ist nicht das was ich kenne. 1)"synthesizer, voice and teeth. Simple, but effective." 2) "Ende?Neu is a project to celebrate the noises of everything."

  Jesseanor 2.0 by NDT
"short & noisy cut-up from a dead project. enjoy."

  ultsyn2 by Josstintimberlake
click clack, the sound from inside an out moded computor..

  368 by hertzcanary
"live sequencing on radio-waves i made thru my filterbox. lobit. noisy.". Images and ogg files, learn from hertzcanary, use every byte of your 1.44meg!

  We are the vampire grinders by Dead for a minute
from the same floppy release as the muckrackers ("la destruction est aussi cration volume 1"), these are a "grind core band".

  Blast Furnace Valley(extract version) by Muckrackers
The Muckrackers are a "industrial harsh punk from the north east of France" and this is a noise they made, ouch.

  lidt af hvert by ddskuglen
"7 min. track called "lidt af hvert" by ddskuglen, sequensed from circuit bended inst. done last year for a noisejihad easter show..." specially bitcrushed for floppyswop.

  east london line by stephen
"Short short clip, just the East London Line and no one else..smell the old dust"

  lefted by mike franetti
lefted, left over, left handed? "2 and something minutes of magnetized distortion with a twinkle de la franetti."

  Breathing by dimitry ghost
Across the wires from russia, some breathy ambience.

  blast of bad noise by Noisejihad
Coded messages? No, just danish noise, lots of danish noise.

  Mastertronic's super trolley C64-128 as seen on BBC TV's 'Jim'll Fix It' by Jellica & Josstin
"tune sampling the C64 game tape." -quite.

  minimalism / chicago fuckers acid mix by ?
More mysterious uploads, high bpm 8 minute acid mix, nonsense text and scratch drawings in one tidy rar file. by ?
MP3MP3MP3MP3MP3, MP4, MP5, MP6,MPEG-4 Structuwhite Audio standard.

  robots_are_human_too-beat by ?
Dunno what this is or who sent it to us, but its a noise and is under 1.44meg, so here it is:

  ingendwie handy musik by pharmacom
ring-tone/mobile phone/signal/noise.

  16k ambient 1 by new age man
A feat! 9 minutes of ambient drone @ 16kb 1.28 meg.

  Casio Noise Nonsense by NoidSoup
"One day I flicked on my heavily circuit bent Casio sk1, and it spit out this glorious barrage of terror (without me so much as touching it). The machine died soon after."

  2 .it files by rostro medial prefrontal cortex

  fuck you by avant hard
Sound recorded with a video-camera and the whole mess edited and hacked up to 24 cuts a second in imovie3." A mini master piece for you to stabkill your enemies with. KillKillKill!!!

  Quest 4 Calm (phase 1) by Ugliness Man
Pure Sine, move your head to move the tone. first part of a trilogy from the 2002 album "Room", available at

  Coke Platform Hack V 1.0 by Maxim
splinter of quanta for chaos magicians

  she sells sea shells on the sea shore by acrnym

  Almost Guilty lowfi by Entanglement
Modern science allows us to randomly choose this action, uploaded by someone @

  Lime teeth by Sir Charles Bascomb
Sir Charles Bascomb says all he needs to say on the subject of lime teeth in 904KB!

  wagawough by staplerfahrer
Crafting together pieces of microscopic sound. The Staplerfahrer, or Steffan de Turck: more music is available from : (remixes of a dying harddisc).

  lol by lol
LOL = List Of Links, or Laugh Out Loud, or Land O' Lakes, this is 2.01 of static and buzz, mp3 format.

  life abundantly by koff koff
1 of 7 tracks submitted for a christmas-themed noisecompilation coming on stop/eject records, more action :

  bitmapped phunkc by ornorv
trakc based on kiril zyapkov`s photos. made with bitmaps and waves.

  Micromega improv__ by punck
Punck is an italian, punck is electronic music generated with a laptop and using only softwares, punck is here

  robot gyro b by parasite
"gyromite" in the states? this mp3 sounds like a cheap aibo fighting its way out of a bird cage.

  The Bongoleeros Sing Hey Good Looking
"Recorded live in Calverley Woods, West Yorkshire, October 2003 Bogo Yogo and Bogo Islander play a deadman's guitar, burnt out sports car and sticks", genius!, more here

  tg13 by datastrangulat
Evil gameboys sounds, gabba beats, a violent track...humanity must die, naaasty ..

  Intectrospect No.17 by [silent]

  4 files by Cabbage Head & Culture cruncher
splice girls, channel surfing, bit edits, 4 files, more, more can be found @ HoFun, part of the noodles foundation

  disketteb by arcade
DSP, your the one for me, beneath this slab of processing and compression is a piece of music by arcade, more arcade music can be found at experimental seafood records

  stand_off & sub by Serocell
two oversaturated, understated files from serocell, aka: / psignal, depixel, secuwhite vessel 100 cocktails, black speaker, white devil, the 10% nation

  et bidrag by Iverson
a little file of little klangs, klongs and fuzzes..

  future western II.wav by future western
a noise that clears heat, resolves dampness and relaxes the sinews

  As I Was A-Walking by uncarving
Old bits of tape glued together by Uncarving. they'll be more here: soon!

  changes by cosmiclocksmith
this goes out to all the solar systems on lockdown in the universe. . . much respect

  hollynight by hollynight
er-re plunder-contrex - hollynight, something special for this glitchmas...

  000 by abrakidaster
cuucucucuttucucutc. c - u - t. cut.

  hedieswhenitdiesman by John Plays Guitar
an unholy racket recorded on my dead gran's tape recorder. acoustic punk-fi. from...

  sp2.ogg by Alex Marandon
This ogg file was made using SpiraSynth and Sox under FreeBSD.

  What volcano by OMNID
bad file error or something. 00.28.8 secs 16.0kbps realmedia file What volcano

  space filler by Motor 166
OPERATED BY GRAVITY-FED FLUENT MATERIAL 167 Matsushita Electric Industrial 143,3 6 The Tokyo Electric Power (words c/o google)

  qss2211(edited) by Motor 166
QSS2211 Film Machine Printing

  beats loops and filters by mprrpi
playing metriod using the ice cannon grabed w/ 202 this loop using a boss sp 202 flange. off of METROID 'BREAK-HOP' loop custom // three .wma files mac here !

  Unasociated Characters 1 by typo.txt
revolutionairy new music technology! no plug-ins requiwhite ! maximum 1K compression ! get more here !

  john_cage_sonata_(1948)_[treatment_007a] by minus baby
An electronic treatment of a John Cage sonata on toy piano.

  siding by secuwhite vessel
siding we all love warehouses too yum ...

  Ear by
EAR: play it loud to feel your eardrumm !

  china store by STL
24kbps mp3 format 7.01 minutes, recorded in a china store...

  magic8ball by ?
what are they saying? proccessed voice recordings.

  metastatic by cheap_machines
03 September 2001 19:57, Description - "a forty second burst of lo-fi, computer generated noise"

  goin' to church by the machinist
a recording of a dirty cd-rom playing a public service announcement from the southern baptist church. only a few words and the last sentence remain decipherable.

  20010415 by slub
process-based sonic improvisations using hand-crafted macintosh and unix applications in networked synchrony

  /ext055 by Boaz
file names/extensions/etc...

  punk by Auf die Menschheit losgelassen
the name says it all ..

  barbed wire by peter
Here are sounds made with a stick, beating on barbed-wire, tensed by wrecked-wood all on the Egmond-beach in Holland. more?

  disket-delay by a.mori
a long wire noise; lots of interference on its way from brazil. (wma file, plays on windows media player)

  tomeina sekai by visco 2000 years
a song? noise? we're not sure, but this japanese electro-pop is very nice. made unaided by computors, by a minidisc master and found at the highly recomended

  FORGE001 by Klunko
sonic foundry's sound forge has something to do with this back up file noise. for more by klunko and some other fine sounds check metempsychosis.

  ocovax 402 by dj joi
the sound of lots of things running into each other a great speed.

  noize3 by sprek mcmunky
A "Recorded live at the Munkydome using SPF5000 technology, but mostly SQ4 software." noise.

New York Band sound taken through the mill..

Accidental phone call recording.

Underground girl fight - argument at London tube station.