Floppyswop needs your input! we need you to send your files, tampered floppys, or anything else up to 1.44 Meg in file size or 3 1/4 inch in actual size. just send them and we'll put em up: So, Fill/Fuck your floppys and swop them like this:
upload your file from your browser! be patient and remember to keep your files under 1.4 meg ..

  F T P
to ftp your file anonymously to ftp://ftp.floppyswop.co.uk/incoming/ use an anoymous login, and email disc@floppyswop.co.uk to tell us what you file is.

If your floppy is a thing in itself, or for other reasons cannot be uploaded, post it to us at; floppyswop, 21a Middleton Rd, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7HX, UK
get down the post office

Good old fashioned email, you can email us any files that are below 2 meg in size, make sure you put submission in the subject line..