Interactive game fun, open source information, audio visual treats, media destruction, reports, pictures, video; all files and formats accepted, swop your data.
  Slumdog Millionaire by Florian Cramer
Who needs a bit scattered torrent dvd rip when you can watch oscar winners in super low-resolution from your floppy drive? 120 minutes compressed into 42520 frames of award winning pixel perfection.

uncatagorisable noise/songs, trying to offend everyone, and featuring classics like : 'TOO POOR FOR CD', 'RANDOM COPYRIGGHT VIOLENCE', 'SEX, DRUGS AND FLOPPYDISKS' and many many more

  mikro08 by mikrosopht
a elegantly packaged floppy from the eternally busy mikrosopht, up close and personal. by Ron Maras
Simple Stuff that Ron made with simple software

  CÚlomalaBit Sk1GbOgg by CÚlomalaBit
Robot Porn, Casio noise, Nintendo Cameras, Free music for free people.

  ft funston birds by zzzronnyzzz
A mobile phone movie: 'birds birds birds, all in formation. waves waves waves, all in formation. a very simple and short 3gp movie. '

  Lava Floppy by sambh
'description: A great floppy with 2 dos games, some images, and a really awkward sound file'. this looks like it was found at the back of a cupboard, vintage games inc: The Black Cauldron from 1987

  papierzen_bitte_floppysize by Phil O'Connor
A movie gif : 'it's a gif i did of a school child being taken under the protective wing of the us department of homeland security for a sunny trip to gitmo. '

  Divertive Speech by Timmy the Tapeworm
a whole album of sorts: a diverted speech, some words of god, and supporting pictures, spooky plunderphonics..

  The Disk - Issue 1 / 20/10/2006 by eQuk
A Disk magazine, like a floppy greatest hits, some selected files, text, pictures, ingenuous! We're hoping the next issue has a fashion spread and a cover mount toy

  time waste survey by Barrie J Davies
fill this in and post your answers to us, if you make your answers long enough they'll fill a disk : 1,474,560 characters is the capacity, this questionnaire is 1174 chars, so your answers need to total : 1,473,386 chars: express your self.

  something to colour with your felt tip pens by Barrie J Davies
This is easy, just a nice picture for you to colour in (with your felt tip pens).

  acid flppy 2006 by overthruster
spazz acid, and some images.

  disc images by Piotr Gluszenia Slawinsk
we're not sure what to do with these, but they appear to be lots of UNIX floppy disc images from the vaults. All presented to you in hypertext on floppyswop.

  jesus biscuits by the great purple one
blasphemy? nonsense? food stuffs? "biscuits for christians and non christians but not pagans", a 3gp movie file and if you need it, a gif advert.

  music on 3,5 by
Some active-X bit crushing, popup blocking, electro acoustic noise music, from germany.

  data_ash 2 by 6billionghosts
More media genius from 6billionghosts, desc: "collected material from the past year or so. contains text, images and an exe run by runme.bat. don't worry, it's not a virus."

  data_ash by 6billionghosts
desc: interactions between two people over the internet. 2001-2003.

  Super Death by Super Death
Don't be scared of the EXE file, its perfectly safe, a small amination of supermarket interactions in a dog mask.

  mukimono by jon7
compressed neighbourhood video - " a series of 1 minute sound vignettes begins again as a series of video vignettes, this one featuring grafitti and local dumpsters." - jon7

  short film 1 by jon7
more hyper compressed neighbourhood animation, this time from footage of a neighborhood in eugene (zip file , 4.42 mins).

  dbn.png by dubdub
"These pics were made using the DBN language and they are a selection of my first code artworks! DBN is a bit old but I recommend it if you want to learn how to code for digital art."

  welcomejuly2 by a.P.A.t.T.
a band in a white room, its like mtv on a floppy disc.

  Midora - strange portrait JPEG by Sean Hopp
At only 63k sean hopp has something to learn about compression, this is a small strange jpeg image, width="553" height="700"

  apatt the motion picture (trailer) by a.P.A.t.T.
"file is a.P.A.t.T. it was video for a night a while ago this file is a trailer for our new film." - or, a super compressed grey goo movie with a lovely soundtrack..

  By Special Request by Chris Ashley
Fine code art from <Chris> </Ashley> : "Four HTML drawings from a series of twenty; HTML file;" plenty more here:".

  The autobiography.. by arcadia-samizdot
"The autobiography of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, WWII Hero and Founder of the American Nazi Party" - floppy propaganda?

  180 bone to the max by dylan donia
"My name is dylan donia, the title is 180 bone to the max. skateboarder is me also. put your speakers on, sound is really great. I took the red pill :D"

  unlimited print by Barrie J Davies
A dadaist artwork from the artist barrie davis > "unlimited print" 2004 ink on paper (unlimited edition).(word file for download)

  object(box) by humberto sini
humberto sini "uploaded a presentation of an object(box) made by hands, its been maded 50 copies the presentation is in spanish have sound made in flash more info here.

  Selected images from my phone by Ed
Everything comes with a camera nowadays, but what do you take pictures of? Ed shares some pictures of his meals, his freinds elbow and some people around a table.

  quirky animation by Ed
A few seconds of quirky animation my friend did for, but then cut out of Ed's last video.

  littleboynoise by ?
A sound, A gif, A txt file.

  Jakes toolbox by jake
Serious data zip, < Code > CSS,HTML,Farhner text size method < Text > all characters on the keyboard,email encoder,ISO alphabet < Useful > photoshop actions,PHP info,Lorem ipsum

  hippofloppy by jon from hippocamp
A floppy flyer as given out around manchester on floppy disks, featuring: a animation, a game and over 16 mins of music, all tightly packed and presented as a zip file delicacy.

  sew and stick by kt
images of lots of floppydisc constructions, embrowdered boxes, badges, bright colours!, more of kt's work, AND some floppydiscs for sale, to be found here:

  13140000 by Amphine
psuedo photostat starting at minute 13140000. part 1 of 5.

  drive to work by m00k13
driving to work on interstate 75; animation formated as a lovely lo-fi gif.

  finger shit by r-r c0l-eCtiv
strange 4 second close up finger video, played best in a loop forever, internet culture is hell.

  scrawled disk from Jon Burgerman
A scan of a floppy disc scrawled on by mr biro-web himself, fresh non-data doodle's and soon some data doodles as well..

  3 from edge effect, alan and tony
3 floppydiscs from deepest swindon, audio, images, xm files, from edge effect and his alter egos..

  UK tv chaos by future eater
an extra special floppydisc archive, one year of Uk Tv condensed down to 1.4meg by future eater, 100s of images, eat them up.

  Cheap L'espion by sw1tch
"How weak does this camera want to be.. its not worth the computer it plugs in to!"

  doug by peukjunkr (overthruster)
Floppyswop/progrock!, "A concept record about this guy named doug, and his journeys. look at his pic, read part of his bio, listen to the trax in winamp3 or an .it or .mod player-"

  floppy disc construction by ben kelley
Our first Floppy disc object! An almighty package of used floppy discs mounted in plastic, received december 2002 from ben kelley in the USA. click the spindle or -zip 660k

  Iversen Psycholympics Taster by tibprod
Nearly compressed to death Windows media video, more here..


  videology by agsystems
An interactive flash movie, just rollover...over filtered to bring out the machine.

  animations and audio by tiziano bonini
ute lemper singing in a living room, , and two very naif cartoons (zip package)..

  f_utur_.wav + discoverychannel.gif by cosmiclocksmith
A little wav file and a gif, "a glimpse into the futur_ of the Programmatic Dawn" more files >

  Cupboard Life by Alan Liddiard
"You will probably be familiar with cupboards. There is nothing to do in them other than what you take in with you. I am taking in with me the internet."

  arndale britain 3 from Norfolk Windmills
an hyper text exploration of a new town just of the A1, for more on arndale britain go to : arndale britain

  12 discs worth from T1
uploaded last week, 12 floppys worth of muzak, hairdo_stopmotion_experiments, video, zip files, etc.. install them all ..

  metrosamp by darky
These 5 tracks where originally released as a floppy EP on aspic records. It is the first release from darky, a teenager addicted to 8 bit technology. mac version here (tx player inc)

  8 from edge effect, bobby and space teddy.
we received a large floppy package last week, and we've done our best to represent the contents online. many files, music, animations, wallpapers..

  system shutdown by yoke and zoom
some shockwave and flash animations from yoke and zoom! MAC FILE

we jodi, a reworking/destruction of the wolfenstein game, more info at theres more game destruction at / heres the MAC FILE

  Jay-Z / Nas hip-hop throw down? - ILM
A 1.4 Meg BB thread that goes on forever, from I LOVE MUSIC put it through your text to speech!

  box one by michael williams
value packed .sit file, text, audio, visuals, a 3 1/4 inch gallery . . more at GMWC.ORG, to decompress go here: stuffit.

  F1Lthy p1G fUcK3r by - reconstructing richard colectiv
a lot of hard work has gone into this, but its free for you to download, highly recommended! to uncompress use winrar

  bushman & other photos - rob jessup
a selection of photographs of england, 2000-2001, "no particular theme just a little strange"

  post from - Michael Leigh & Hazel Jones
a postal submission from ipswich, lots of lovely images, stamped, proofed and ready for you ! d/load zip file or click the spindle to see the online version

  technologicalmayhemconverter - James Morris
a handy gadget, 353K, JPG Compressed image.

  smash stereo by - jk
a small child smashing up a stereo.. (mpg movie)

  gun shot by - maarten
a flash movie about george bush.

  darth vader on a horse by - howard read
action figures!

  collidascope by - james tindal
not a very effiecient use of 1.4 meg this. But anyway, a fine macromedia flash movie. Use your own image to create your own collidascope then go here: thesquarerootof-1

  leptomania by - Vijay Neo Adeonis
From the leptomania art movement in the grand old south of the netherlands.

  intellectual desaster - YOGO_ONOMOTOBOK
animated xrays in this noisey movie .for more noises and animations goto: watch the whole movie before clicking!..

  output from by 1010
exploration of CPU system, via 'endoscopic' digitising device. From input to hard-disc (.zip file mac file when someone asks or it.).

  periodic by k-reg
chemistry, alchemy and raw data, a vital resource.. download the zip file or click the spindle to view live.

  jingleklein By ?
an advert for something?

  tunnel vision By chris kentish
wise screen animation of tunnel vision, no sound track.

  mouse on mars interview By n+k
super fine german music makers asked about technolgy, music and media by k-reg and etak, download the zip file/ includes audio and full transcript.

  Virtual Lucky Bag By FRANK PETSCHULL
a wonderfull contribution, stuffed with movies and stories, lots of fun! the PC version is here but you'll have to put it back together for yourself.

"A jam hot magazine, the final issue of a photocopy series" unzip and start at index.phpl.

Kate Pemberton's Latest Machine Art .avi, dedicated to Barry's deceased stereo.