song files 1.44 meg, click on the artists name to contact them, or the spindle to download.. go to the foot of the page for the archive, stacks of files!
  floppy pop by toxic chicken
Toxic chickens been "drinking all night long working on these chicken songs" the least you can do is download them, super!

Out of season shiny pixel pop.

  error bear by McFiredrill
"Only listen to this in the dead of night, alone, crusing netlabel sites, downloading crappy sounding lo-bit mp3s!!!" 100% right!

  Sensation of bit, loss of byte by vega stereo
more analogue sketches from “Greetings from Moscow“

  Dont`t believe to this nice melody. by vega stereo
from the Mini album “Greetings from Moscow“ music built from the “ gathering the old analogical keyboards from times of USSR.“ lovely

untouchable dirty upper case mp3 album. Super compact, super soapy.

  001 by Mikos
A mysterious epic, 10.29 of floppy disk soundtracking.

  Boys Don't Cry by Alextron
A magnetic cover - 'oh yes, oh now, oh wow! stay tuned :]'

  the pixelpop sessions vol 1 by MM
Mr Pixelpop, Exarty and Gobo Lind bring us *mega* tracker tune ecstasy, can't wait for vol 2.

  Can You Feel it EP by Mr.Dee
Orbital Raves floppy disk style, hands in the air..

  Street by GS Brothers
Babelfisted hiphop.

  Koto by fx10243
Prog Chip music for credit screens.

  Cutslo by Goodman's Dancing Jelly-fishes
Counterfeit pop from 98-2000

  Badger's_Boogie by Flashbob
This ticks all the floppyswop boxes : 'two sides of lovely Gameboy-Bleeps, crappy artwork, compression artifacts, 1.354Meg in size. Everything one could ask for, I hope'

  psy8bit by FRD
Brazilian Chip tunes, direct from Residence Bela Vista.

  Impress me by Gustavsson
a song thats almost smaller than 3 1/4 inches, acoustic spindle-skiffle, impressive!

A blip from the electron special records release 'NESF-01 INTEL REPORT', Ann Arbor is one of jupiters moons..

  The Most Intrepid by Ariochh
A chip sqwiggle, from deepest Northants an intrepid and almost anonymous upload

  goto1993 by goto80
'This is one hour of Amiga music made in 1993 by Goto80.' - WOW, a bargain package that we'll be shuffling for weeks to come.. (there all mod files, so you'll need a tracker player)

  everyone smiles by beaver hunt project
megabyte(and .16) techno - 'composed entirely with nanoloop and lsdj. some assembly in ableton, no effects' look out for new disc releases soon

  on lake by ASD
A happy moment, platform perks in style 8 bit

  3 Shots by Mr.Dee
3 tries, triplets, 3rd place, 3 Shots, 3 Deep, fuzzy and compressed tech tracks all under 3 minutes..

  computer control by numn
Piezo tone pop : a 4 track floppy that includes this excellent program you can use to make your own tracks with afterwards, they sound better through small speakers

  Over Now!!! by escapehawaii
rocking pitchbending chip shop chip music. a whole 4.51 worth perfect compression, and we want more!

  Stromschwankung EP by MM
soothing pixel pop. this is nice, an EP (4 tracks) of simple tracker pop music, syncopated, slinky and sexy. 372kb

  rk by Big Sugar Victorious
just inching into the song category because of a melodic piano, this is a 'On-the-fly sound manipulation of an AM radio news broadcast about the Rush Limbaugh drug scandal and the Kobe Bryant rape case. ' 6.48 minutes long

  [Erotix] by Geräuschangreifer
Erie and deep beats bleeps and bitmaps (jpegs), Eroti(x)c like that robot from metropolis, 5 stars.

  dead stiff friend by Qwertypak
Optical to visual, a melody from bit crunched photos, this was made entirely with a gameboy camera, and its erotic like necrophilia

  8bitlolz.mp3 by Jarryd Nielsen
ROFL! LOL,LAWL,WTF, some slapstick 8bit pop fun in mp3 format made using a Gameboy camera and Acid Pro 4.0 .. lovely

  I Am A Fairy In Love by Strawberry Love Love
"this is one of 4 tracks on Strawberry Love Love's debut EP entitled A Walk Through The Orchard. Best heard on headphones during a walk in the park." -- Ahhhhh

  Proud Marytron (lofi) by kendall station
more lo-fidelity hits, "This track was made entirely with the SoundLab Mini-Synth, multitracked and cv sequenced."

  Death Over The Midnight Moon by locke's friend
This is some noodley jazzstep nonsense, just like back in 1996 but its a very good use of file formats.

  Keygen Music by Various artists
Keygen music is the best thing about warez, only heard for seconds whilst cut and pasting all those random password strings, here we have 57 minutes (.xm files, 1.01 MB!) of urgent byte sized pop tunes. Sine Ride is our favourite.

  that russian pockets by escapehawaii
electro-pop, 8bit 7bit 6bit sexbit mp3, escapehawaii rock russia!

  International Workers 1 by Eat Rabbit
I think Eat Rabbits days are getting better, or maybe eat rabbit's just become and "international worker".

  KRÖV by extraboy
this file are: "fleppy 9-bit mongo orgasm break house cool", this is 48kbps, mp3 format.

  landscapes by kibbutzboy
"the track was something made out of the monotonous life i have in my kibbutz.", 4.30 32kbps, monotonous..

  night stuff by lost kluster
A dark compressed wave from russia.

  bassy electro stuff 01 by alextron
More from grandmaster alextron, does what it says in the filename, a wobble work-out, boom crack, boom crack crack, boom boom crrack k k k k *****

  oskie in arcadia by alextron
"desc: "where my 'shrooms are?", asked oskie, "i need 'em!"", I'm wondering, is this a drug reference, or a culinary one? Its more likely a mario referance.

  Jean Baptiste Lamarck by Mostmaximum
More high level arpeggiated synth arcade jams. ++++++++

  Josh's gameboy eats MC Hammer by Josh Console
Squelchy . squeeky . baggy-panty .game boy .mix up.

  i love rocknroll by Sidabitball
Super Chip style remix of I love Rock n Roll by Britney Spears ;)

  lovox by Sidabitball
Slides and arpeggiating some very fast lo-fi music from frances Sidabitball.

  A fucking day by Eat Rabbit
"I woke up late, i did'nt took my breakfast, i crashed my bike and at the same time my leg, my work sucked as ever, i finished at 6 PM, six hours making fucking pizza ...."

  Elton John in Taiwan Remix Demo by Twinkleboi
MC Elton guests on this remix of his tantrum at the taiwan airport.

  Hats by Tor Bruce
Tor says: "the only true path to find your own hamobits is to start wearing hats. so follow my lead.", its a song about hats.

  secretdragon tapes #1 by oregon dragon mafia
zipped real audio lo-fi remixes in a drum and bass style from oregon.

  axel f by kaysette
some LSDJ channel hopping.

  Parade by dimitry ghost
Trash design, sonic wobbles, and murky atmospherics.

  Mistery at Urdaci´s Castle (Level I) by Prosper Prowano
Music for lost levels; "It was Inspired by the TV images of Alfredo Urdaci, the headmaster of public TV broadcasting news during the lastest Aznar Government"

  Last Requests by Factro
"'Last Requests is a 1min4sec blitz by Irish indie-pop band Factro." - *Warning contains guitars*

  fastest made album ever by katnip kru
A album made in aprox 1h30mins just "before the simpsons came on". Soon compression technology will allow us to fit DVD films onto floppy discs, for now we have the katnip kru.

  floppy v4.0 by HMCR
"Softkore is the by-product of the descent into an all encompassing sorrow", Action packed audio, ascii, images and words, a genius floppy disc from the people at HMCR.

  the high quality TEXTure oF pure shit ! by STRPSE_K9D
highly compacted FASTTRAKK goodies from star pause kid and friends, loop them for maximum enjoyment.

  Dealer by JonBro
A fashionable zip package, two micro infulenced tracks and a pixel cover, smashing!

  Draw Down by dj physique magnifigue
"downtempo, no-fi microdub" spooky and subdued winter sounds...

  Lambrusco and Ulifresh (easy mix) by Prosper Prowano
Bits with Byte! Prowano's latest; 8bit pop for kalimotxo drinkers.

  Sushiflu's Apartment by Bitroid
"This song is part of the story of Bitroid."

  Intro by analog girl
This is an introduction to the eclectic sounds of The Analog Girl >>

  Sindeticon by Prosper Prowano
Lo-fi icon funk, perfect at 1,421,312 bytes.

  uncadeau by ermo klar
"one minute of sample/synth seediness by ermo klar " More:

  10 times 6 by the staplerfahrer
Yes, the floppy disc is the Album format of the future. This album contains, 10 tracks of 6 secs each and a txt file "artwork" for the floppy sticker. you should put it unzipped in your drive > and then play it directly from floppy player.

  Dinner is Ruined by Bertin
Mmmm frantic magnetic vibes, on this is a high pitched jazzy pop tune.

unmarried ACRNYM stays with his computor and compresses audio in ogg format for you..

  schizofrenia by pharmacom
Naaaasty, made only with add lips and words! Schizopfrenic Lo-Fi Hardcore!!

  Send The Alchohol Down by SHIT
Written, composed and performed by D. Shawhan. Recorded and engineered by R. Earles. they are SHIT.

  wait only a minitune by Prosper Prowano
a mini mystery tune, this is all we know.

  aria by prank aggressor
Bertins back, suck up some helium and sing-a-long with this little ditty.

  Tuning up the organ by rodia
Church organ sequencing (SB AWE32/GM) rescued from a old pentium`s hardrive, `remastered` and compressed to ogg format, ready for floppyswoping, a gothic floppy.

  pornografie by de klootzakken
This is a Jingle by Belgian band "de klootzakken". It was used as a jingle on their now defunct radio-show to announce the segment wherein a guest would tell a humoristic tale of lust!

  Kerry by mikrosopht
Mr Kelley makes some toy box crank house in his basement hes also got a new full length download here:

  Lily White Day Dreams by Richard Cutter
A strange little one and a half minute song made with empty coffee cans and a computer by Richard Cutter

  cd diy pop & midi by fx10243
two super midi files, use them to make your own pop music, or as the background-sound to your floppy-fan site.. ! file 1 file 2 more infos here:

  tuffguyhero+ by reconstructing richard
1) toughguyhero 2) furrkissing, two files, gameboys, competition, download and find out! temporary internet music label:

  floppy swappers EP by atarix
Lessons in compression, another floppy ep, music, artwork and info in a zip file from atarix in russia, this was orignally released on the excelent 20kbps net label

  Floppy theme by jk
a man singing about being treated like a floppydisc, and some dumplings.. pls remix!

  Take yourself back by darkphish
Tinkling stones jazz beats take yourself back, a smooth 53seconds

  untempo by Prank Aggressor
Fresh music from Nijmegen, rendering self-recorded samples beyond recognition into unsteady grooves -/ perfect /- , more unreleased music here:

  pix28 by pixelkid
don`t give up, pixelkid! it`s the final stage, you can save our world, you`re our hero!!!!

  la foret mélancolique by Shizu
the sound of a wonderful heroic adventure, a digital lullaby for winter..

  lick a virgin by bob sawey
A red wine drinking song, you can almost hear the grapes fermenting.

  3~4~5 by der kranke
der kranke used the compression power of an ogg file to produce 4 minutes of rhythmic clanging, lovely ..

  Bond by D Millard
Millard. D Millard, a little song (yes a real song!) about James Bond, one-liners and destruction, a perfect 1.44meg..

  Flowercharged by Gluesniffer
like origami music, a simple melody delicatly folded by mr gluesniffer

  Evil by D Millard
more from D Millard, an angry piece of music..

  Dozer by Kid Carpet
there are no limits to this epic tune full of gummy beat boxing and squeeks.. more info here:

  Collini Center by carl kruger
static fuzz and 2 bit pops

  Chikatetsu by Pharmacom
Special!>>Chikatetsu the fastes train in japan! i dedicaded this track to this great machine! fast, faster, chikatetsu!!!

  when a small life ends by the hardliner
More files from the hardest working floppyswopper, another imacuate 1.44MEG single that catches our hero in a melancholi mood

  030513 by nim
an entry from nim's sound blog at, full of snippet compositions in a experimental / digital / acoustic style.

  Dadio by My Lighthouse
"Micro J*zz For Floppyswop Cats."

  Escape Music by the hardliner
a special issue for all the hardliner secret fans, 2 tunes in mp3 format (saint benezwuck's last dance is our favorite), & lots of xtras, more hardliner @:

  Nightst and Money(Vox) by Komatrohn
Komatrohn is back with a new style, panda pop 4 floppyswop.. more info @:

  making number 2 by The Idiot Bastard Robot
The 1st Idiot: Secret uploader, keeps us busy with unopimised files, a nice slice of acoustic strum.. more info:

  The Idiot Is Back by Jotal
2nd idiot: Jotal is back with 2:23 of blips and plonks, google says: "Activities in JOTAL can be divided into 2 main activities : 1- Aluminum Fabrication. 2- Aluminum Curving" - quite.

  The Drummer by Pharmacom
Never wash your Drummachine ;o))

  Bad Hangover by Jotal
Bloody mary,.. yick

  kick the stomach by guignol dangereux
Fast and bloody breakcore - only for "Clockwork yellow" fans. Further informations:

  "Feck off, Kafka Brats!" by the hardliner
outstanding package! 2 songs and the hardliner lets us into some of his secrets, included is the Beni Tracker and an example tune so you can play yourself!

  jungle kong by andreas puck
a song made with the jungle kong rebirth mode for rebith 2.0 by propellerheads swop mod here /junglekong/ and make you own files..

  good to you by disicples of ageemablues
a zip file floppy single, 1 min 44 sec long, with a digital sleeve, sounds very fresh!

  psychisch nintendo by the hardliner
Here come de Hardliner.. Murderah!, another zip file single, hardliner overcomes the limits of file compression with nearly 7mins of NES grooves all under 1.44meg as usuall..

  serving suggestion death by horny
moody 96kbps, stereo, 1:36, not the sound of break dancing laptops, watch out!

  Pipp by Pharmacom
Music not for consumers only for freaks!! Some nice Sequences made with one Synthesizer!! Freaks have a look:

  spain is pain soma project
just a little crappy enjoyment, 1min45secs of acid fun...

  drumsong2 by fx10243
cheap and dirty drum sounds from the 'diy pop ep' more info @ fx10243

  vandalism rocks by The Hardliner
Hardliners second floppy disc single, mental, monumental, vandalism, with a sweet double density b-side.. 6.16mins of music!

  yuyo, bhut.ed by dan yack
soft music from software for soft heads..

  000 by Mikrosopht
mikrosopht returns, out on probation with some finary binary files for us..

  dimensions of slack by The Hardliner
Hard, Funky chip-style tunes, 2 for 1, 8mins.21secs, 1.44mg!, All Hail Discordia!, goto : for more.

  everybody oughta get married by carl kruger
shortest and sweetest of melodys, sugar for sweet girls with soft kissed lips.. mmmmmmmmm

  chavrun (8 bit) by machineboy
::funkadueling::garbage:: lovely 8 bit music.. more here..

  mix_xxx by softwarecorp
hmmm, tasty noodling...

  zeron by Anti Trance Terrorists
a big F**k off to all the van dykes and cheesy quavers, some simple techno instead.

  bert by /interstitial/
none of your larkin about!

  ooh ah ooh oit oit oit by Jerohme Spye
asthmatic beatboxing from an old school floppy master!, more floppy sized musics @ his page

  koga by navmemo for the city on sunday, spacious and light.

  dissonat by jotal
more floppy pop music, perfect optimisation, 56kbps 22kHz, 3min:25sec, 1.37 MB (1,439,142 bytes)

  twntysx by pereant
a short song, made in a short euphoric moment. 26 seconds of bliss

  sunoco by flincha
scrabbled mind doodlings presented in mp3 form for the summer massive. .

  electric grand mother mix by cosmic locksmith
gloriously dirty .wav file, it's like NBC in 87.... .

  foxy boxing [trance owns rmx] by motherboards of canada
epic trance for midgets with short attention spans, who wear funny shoes

  the $ 1.99 song by Jotal
Words: you are so okay / please chew my toupee / baby, I've got nothing to say / but $ 1.99..

  interupted loop frag by carl kruger
Beautiful proccessed acoustic loops, originate from mysenchyme, incidental at autopsy.

  This is what we are part 1 by chokai
info: A definition of life told in sound. More at

  Pandaimonion by jotal
Recorded live at club hell, nyc.

  meticulo city by jotal
special disco for office partys and subway journeys. get it in quick!

  backoff by supperman
a short song about two cartoon figures.

  red grass by jotal
listening to my floppy digital player in the hotel lounge at heathrow..

  Trains by oysterova
acid trains with banging wheels, choo choo

  right here by monsta truk
Keep on inventin' da gubbinz soze I can buy it an stick it to my ded kool truk, da MONSTA TRUK (cause it's massif. Mus' get a snotling pump wagon now cause it looks loike a rite larf

  bling3snip by unknown
random file sent with no details.. bling bling

  german porn song by chokai
A twist on the almighty german porn. visit the chokai website:

  the burt reynoldz_new baby smell by ichheissebort
happy birthday meredith!!!

  FastVarÄrDu(Tittutmix) by Komatrohn
0.96/1.44 (kB) :::length::: 0:49 (min:sec) :::bit_rate::: 160 kbit Komatrohn now makes 12inch music as well as 3 1/4:
world electric

  hatch you out by gluesniffer
scrambled, boiled, fried, poached, hatch me.

  noam chomsky progammable drum set
a tribute to the great noam chomsky, well worth 4 minutes of 28.8K modem time read me?

  aufstand mousepad
4 to the floor, I've heard all these samples before. aufstand is german for rose, sweet.

    songs archive >>